Volkswagen launches “April Fools” to promote its products in the United States


Flex Wagon electric car

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Volkswagen announced, in a false statement, that it will change its name to Volts Wagon to promote its electric vehicles in the United States

The German company, Volkswagen, which is well-established in the auto industry, announced that it will not change its name in the United States to “Volts Wagen”, and retracted its previous announcement in a press release of its intention to change its trademark.

And it turned out that the previous announcement was just a marketing ploy in the way of the famous “April Fools”, as the company announced this lie to increase interest in it and its products in the United States.

Volkswagen said in the “false” statement that it will change its name on the occasion of its shift to electric cars, and this statement was supported by Scott Q, president of the German company in the United States.

The automaker is due to issue an official press release to clarify the truth on Wednesday.


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