Walid Suleiman is ready to support Al-Ahly in the Sudan trip


Walid Suleiman, player of Al-Ahly club, is ready to support the red team during a trip to Sudan to face Mars on April 3 in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League, after he fully recovered from a tear in the posterior muscle and his absence from Al-Ahly since January 26.

AndWalid Suleiman was exposed He was injured in his team’s match against Al-Ahly Bank in the league competitions, specifically on January 26, and since that date, he has been absent from participating in Al-Ahly matches, due to his undergoing a rehabilitation program from injury, until the player is ready to participate in the matches.

Walid Suleiman participated in Al-Ahly’s training on Tuesday, and he appeared at a good level and did not complain of any pain in the posterior muscle, provided that he was ready to support Al-Ahly in his next match against Al-Merrikh, as he was one of the winning cards in the ranks of the Red Eagles.

AndPetsu Musimani intends Al-Ahly’s technical director relies on Walid Suleiman in the next stage and pushes him gradually in matches until he regains his absent form, and his lack of sensitivity to matches.

Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, head of the medical apparatus for the first football team at Al-Ahly Club, confirmed, The readiness of Walid Suleiman The team player, from the medical point of view, for the next stage, after recovering from the injury he suffered, and having attended group training.

Abu Abla said that Walid Suleiman is medically ready and at the disposal of the technical staff, before the team’s next trip to Sudan to face Mars, after he participated in group exercises, whether in the physical part or ball training before the team traveled to Congo, and the player became medically ready to be with The team during the next stage.


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