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A real estate expert, in Scotland, has issued an urgent warning to homeowners who are celebrating buying a home by posting pictures of their keys on social media. Kyle Mattisu says that uploading a picture of your new home and its keys is a big mistake, and “it may put you at risk of theft.” The expert claimed that fraudsters could copy the keys using the photos, leaving new homes vulnerable to theft. In a clip posted on the TikTok platform, which has since spread widely, a man stands proudly in front of a house, holding a key with all its details revealed.

“Don’t do this when you get the keys to your new home,” the real estate expert said. He advises his followers that while the moment of owning a new home is exciting, “you may want to announce it to friends and family, but do not post a picture in which the key is clearly visible,” adding, “It is possible that people copy the keys using these pictures.”

Matiso continues to advise people to deal with their home keys, just as they would any other sensitive information. Commenting on the TikTok video, he warned, “Don’t do this when you get the keys to your new home!” The clip has since obtained more than 1 million views and 59,000 likes.

Someone suggested changing the locks as soon as they bought a property. Another urged not to share any photos of the keys, even if the details are hidden; Because they believe that “the symbol on the key can be used to make a new key.”

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