Warnings for Android users about a fake Clubhouse app


A report by WeLiveSecurity revealed, “Cyber ​​criminals are trying to take advantage of the popularity Clubhouse To provide malware intended to steal users’ login information for a variety of online services.

Clubhouse is an application available only to iPhone users, and it works on the invitation system, however Android users need to wait a little until a version of the application is released to them, as it is currently in the development stage, but before any official launch, the Google Play Store was filled with cloning applications from Clubhouse.

The report details the details of the malware – which comes with a Trojan horse nicknamed “BlackRock” by ThreatFabric – provided from a website that has the look and feel of the original application, and the targeted list includes financial applications, well-known shopping applications, cryptocurrency exchange, in addition to social media and platforms. Messages.

For starters, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Outlook, eBay, Coinbase, Plus500, Cash App, BBVA and Lloyds Bank are all on the list. “

Once the victim is converted to download and install BlackRock, the Trojan horse attempts to steal their credentials with a probe attack.

In other words, when the user runs one of the targeted applications, the malware will create a way to steal the application’s data and ask the user to log in. Instead of logging in, the user inadvertently delivers his login data to the cyber criminals.

And for those users who feel that having SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) will be able to bypass the threat, the report claims that malware can also intercept text messages.Moreover, the malicious application also requests the victim to enable access services, which means that It effectively enables criminals to take control of the user’s device.


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