Watch: Fatima Al-Abdullah exposes herself to embarrassment … and the audience “Silicon Gulf”


A number of social networking leaders shared a video clip for the Kuwaiti media and actress Fatima Al Abdullah, who presented a wave of criticism and ridicule because of her latest looks

Those accounts attached the video to a picture of her in which she appeared to have a slim figure, as many followers indicated that she gained weight or that she had performed operations to increase the size of some areas, according to (her).Some of them mocked her, calling her the “Gulf Silicon” and what came in the comments: “She became the Gulf Silicon” and “Barbie became Barney” and “I, but my dad, know where the Barbie is on the subject or you can refer to Winnie the Bear” and “I have never seen Barbie bloated.” And “Barney Gulf” and the clip on one of those accounts achieved more than 49 thousand views in a short period of time after its publication.

It turned out that the artist published the video a few days ago on her own account on the application and attached it to the comment: “The secret of success: Do what others are afraid to do” blocking the comments feature.


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