Watch Ghada Abdel Razek marry the man she hates most so that my lady will take revenge on him


Put up a channel mbc Egypt the official teaser for the star series Ghada Abdel Razek “Meat Ghazal”, scheduled to be shown in the Ramadan 2021 drama season, and the announcement revealed more details of the work, as Ghada is forced to marry the man she hates most in order to take revenge on him.

Ghada Abdel Razek
Ghada Abdel Razek was involved in a murder

Ghada embodies within the work events the character of a woman working in the meat trade in a popular market, exposed to great injustice and involved in the case of killing a man, and trying to get out of this crisis, and Mai Selim embodies the character of her friend, while Wafa Amer plays one of her fiercest enemies and with her Amr Abdel Jalil who Taking advantage of her crisis to pressure her and marry her

The series “Meat Ghazal” was filmed entirely in Lebanon and co-starring Ghada Abdel Razek, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, Wafa Amer, Amr Abdel Jalil, Sherif Salama, Mai Selim, Muhammad Shaheen, Khaled Kamal, Ashraf Abdel Ghafour, Ahmed Khalil, Rehab El Gamal, and work from Written by Iyad Ibrahim, and directed by Muhammad Osama.

Ghada had previously revealed the details of her new series “Meat Ghazal”, admitting that the idea was “not new” and was presented more than once, but it is an opportunity to restore the popular success that was previously achieved with this type of series.

Ghada Abdel Razek added during her interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “Gazelle meat. I will not say that it is a new idea, but I want to return to the popular work that I achieved in Al-Batinah, Hajj Matwali, Zahra and her five husbands, and I hope that it leads to this kind of popular success.”

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