Watch .. Nabil’s position on Mohamed Salah with the Kenyan national team players after the match (video)


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Liverpool star and the Pharaohs, Mohamed Salah, made a noble and elegant position after the match between Egypt and Kenya in the African Nations Cup qualifiers, which ended in a 1-1 draw for each of them.

The tie gave Egypt the ticket to qualify for the African Nations Cup, at a time when Kenya called for all its hopes of qualifying for the most prominent tournament in the African continent.

After the match, Mohamed Salah went to the dressing room of the Kenya national team to console them after their failure to qualify for the African nations and wished them good luck next time, while the Kenyan team players and his technical staff wished success for him and the Egyptian team.

The “Freds of Football” page on “Twitter” posted the video from inside the Kenyan national team’s dressing room, while commenting on it, saying: “Mohamed Salah’s fine behavior by going to the Kenyan national team dressing room and congratulating them on their performance in the match.”

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