Watch .. Ruby Trend on Google because of her daughter


The actress, Ruby Trend, topped the list of the most traded on the search engine “Google” after director Sameh Abdel Aziz shared with his fans a picture that he collected with his daughter from Ruby “Taiba” through his account on the social networking site “Facebook”.

A number of social networking leaders shared the picture with comments about the great similarity in the features of “good” with her mother, actress Ruby.
Ruby recently released the song “Hatta Tania”, which is the first of her new album of the same name, and it is written and composed by Aziz El Shafei, arranged music and Master Touma.Robbie’s new album “Hatta Tania” includes 10 songs, including “Hata Tania” from the words of Aziz El Shafei, Touma distribution, “Hayati” written by Mustafa Hassan, composed by Muhammad Hamzah, and arranged by Touma, “Your Mother and Your Father” written by Mustafa Hassan, composed by Mohamed Hamza and composed by Amin. Nabil.

“Normal as you wish” from the words of Hossam Saeed, composed by Khaled Helmy and the distribution of Ahmed Ibrahim, and “I like me, not” from the words of Saber Kamal, composed by Bilal Sorour and the distribution of Hany Yaqoub, “Sahwa” from the words of Saber Kamal and composed by Bilal Sorour and distributed by Ahmed Adel, “Al-Hashik Bishik” From the words of Shady Nour, composed by Muhammad Yahya, and distributed by Amadeo.


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