Watch: Samo Zayn’s daughter impresses with her beauty


The Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, known recently for attacking and criticizing artists, posted a picture on her account on the Instagram photo-sharing application (Instagram) of the Syrian artist Samo Zain, and attached it to another picture of a beautiful young woman who indicated that she was his daughter Nagham.

The media commented on the photo, saying: “The image of the artist, Samo Zein, is a picture of Nagham.Many interacted with her, as the girl drew attention with her attractiveness, and it is noteworthy that Zain, whose real name is Osama Muhammad Zain Al-Abras, married an English woman after she supported him while pursuing his studies in Britain and had his only daughter before the separation.

In 2016 he married the media figure Dina Saleh and the following year they had their son Muhammad. It is noteworthy that he first worked as a sound engineer before moving to singing, and his first album was titled “Mili Ya Helwa,” and he later released a second album entitled “I am for you.” “.

In later times, he released “Girby Lea” in 2004, “Maak” in 2005, “Arif A” in 2007, “Lake Wahadak” in 2008, “Always” in 2010, “The Red Rose” in 2012, and “Zay Any two “in the year 2014.


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