Watch .. the first video of the wedding of Basma Wahbas son, the media


Media Basma Wahba, her audience, participated in her preparations for her son’s wedding, through a video clip published by the media on her official account on the “Instagram” site.

The media published the first video of the preparations for her son’s wedding that takes place tonight, where she appeared wandering around the yard of one of the major hotels where the party is taking place tonight, and commented: “The mother of the groom is desperate and has no focus.”

The media, Basma Wahba, had shared with her audience a video of her son Abdul Rahman when he was in his childhood, through her account on the Instagram photo and video trading site.

The media, Basma Wahba, commented on the video, saying: “Who believes that the son of Imrah al-Qamar is the joy of his firstborn .. O Lord, according to Abd al-Rahman ibn Basma and his happiness and the desire of your children,” while the media audience interacted with the video greatly.

It is noteworthy that Basma Wahba traveled during the last period to London to conduct some medical examinations, after suffering a health problem, as she recently revealed that she suffers from a stomach problem in addition to bleeding, and described her condition as very difficult and that an English doctor was the one who was able to diagnose her condition.


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