Watch .. the lookalike Abla Kamel makes a fuss on social networking sites – Norte newspaper


A number of accounts on the photo and video site “Instagram” shared a video clip of a woman resembling the Egyptian actress. Abla Kamel ” .

And this woman appeared in the video while imitating Abla Kamel In a striking way, with the help of a scene from one of the recent films.

Followers on the video interacted a lot, as many saw it as similar Abla Kamel To a large extent .. While others indicated that there is a difference between them in spirit.

Comments came like: “It has a great resemblance to the correct form, but the soul, the beloved blood, and the personality are completely different” and “It may be similar in form, but the soul is not Abla Kamel Just one “and” look like her really hard. “


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