Water rights and a fair agreement .. Egypt adheres to 3 demands in Mafaw


12:08 AM

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aty, Minister of Water Resources, chaired Wednesday evening a seminar organized by the Egyptian-Canadian Business Council and the Egyptian Business Council for International Cooperation under the title “Egypt’s Water Future: Opportunities and Challenges”.

During the symposium, Abdel Aty reviewed the developments of the Nile water issue, the current position on the negotiations for the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, and Egypt’s clear desire to complete the negotiations.

The minister emphasized some items, including:

1- Emphasis on Egypt’s fundamentals in preserving its water rights and achieving benefit for all in any agreement on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

2- Emphasis on striving to reach a fair and binding legal agreement for all that meets the aspirations of all countries in development.

3- Emphasizing that the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and its impact on the waters of the Nile River is considered one of the major challenges facing Egypt now, especially in light of the unilateral measures taken by the Ethiopian side with regard to filling and operating the Renaissance Dam, and the negative repercussions resulting from these unilateral measures will not be huge. Accepted by the Egyptian state.

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