We all love you and in your back .. Mustafa Darwish supports Sherif El Desouki with his plight


Artist Mustafa Darwish participated, in a photo, from a meeting with his friend, artist Sherif El Desouky, in the program “The Story” with Amr Adib, through his personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”.Mustafa Darwish wrote: “Your tears are dear to all of us, O Sharif, we all love you، We are all with you، And in your back، You are a big school، Everyone wishes to learn from you، You are rigid, our professor، I love you, Sheriff. “

He continued: “Thank you, the most beautiful journalist in Egypt, Amr Adeeb, for the kind heart and the beauty of the debate and the kindness that I saw from you. I will not install a trend and heat up the world. A thousand thanks to you that I have grown up in my eyes.”

It is noteworthy that, actor Sherif Desouki launched a violent attack on the Syndicate of Acting Professions, due to his injury during the filming of the scenes of the movie “A Man’s Stand” and the failure of the film-producing company to bear the costs of his treatment, he said.

On the other hand, he contracted The artist Mustafa Darwish To participate in the series “The House of Endowment”, starring Zina, the artist Ahmed Al Saadani, the star Sabreen, and a number of others, which will be shown in the next Ramadan race, where he embodies the character of Ibrahim Karakebo, a comic character who goes through many situations and crises that convey his life.



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