“We did not meet face to face” .. Ahmed Fahmy comments on his recent crisis with Muhammad Ramadan


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Artist Ahmed Fahmy revealed the reconciliation between him and Muhammad Ramadan after their recent crisis due to the incident of the star Muhammad Ramadan about stopping the pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yasser for life and withdrawing his driver’s license from him, against the background of the video that Ramadan published from inside the plane’s cabin, indicating that the crisis has ended, as we have not We meet Al-Solh directly, expressing his grief over the outbreak of the crisis on social media.

Ahmed Fahmy added during his meeting on the “ET in Arabic” program, saying: “Aya in peace, but until now we did not talk face to face, but we talk via text messages, and we are sisters in the first and the other, and people know that Ramadan and I have a good relationship.” He added: “Hot words and we are. We made a mistake that we overtook us in some on the social media. I am wrong about it technically, neither is it, and in the other we have reconciled and we are sisters in the other. ”

It is noteworthy that the artist Ahmed Fahmy entered into a mocking link on Muhammad Ramadan, after the famous crisis of the latter with the pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yasser, and “Fahmy” published pictures of him from inside the hospital, referring to the mockery of “Ramadan”, and said: “The doctor who photographed me stood him for life.” So Fahmy responds to the post: “The doctor paused for him .. pictures of him with hemorrhoids, or what,” in a clear criticism of Muhammad Ramadan’s behavior.

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