Weather conditions have changed .. Meteorology warns of these weather phenomena for


10:56 AM

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Books – Muhammad Abdel Nasser:

Experts of the General Authority of Meteorology said that the weather conditions changed today, as temperatures continue to decrease all over, so that a pleasant weather prevails during a cold day at night, and medium and low clouds accompanied by rain fall on the northern coasts from (Sallum to Alexandria), Beheira, Kafr El Sheikh and the eastern coasts.

The experts added that the cold winds are active all over, accompanied by a stirring of sand in the west of the country, extending to Cairo and Al-Ojat Al-Bahri, then east to Sinai, and then the horizontal visibility in the north and south of Upper Egypt decreases greatly due to the sand and dust there, reaching the level of a storm on desert roads and open areas.

Experts warned against reducing clothes, demanding not to wear summer clothes now, as well as closing windows well, and it is preferred for patients with chest, allergies and sinuses not to go out in such an atmosphere.

The experts added, “You should drive carefully on roads, especially highways, due to the low level of visibility.”

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