Weather warning: The dust storm hits most governorates … and the weather is cold at night


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Iman Shaker, the agent of the Remote Sensing Center at the General Authority of Meteorology, said that the maximum temperature in Cairo reached 35 degrees yesterday, and it will drop again today and reach 30 and 31 in Cairo.

And she continued, during a telephone conversation with the media, Rasha Magdy, on the “Sabah Al-Balad” program, broadcast on the Sada Al-Balad channel, that there is a desert depression affecting Egypt since last Saturday and has led to high temperatures and its owner, indicating that it comes from the Libyan desert, and is heading east to the western regions. From Egypt, such as Matrouh and Siwa, which leads to the activity of exciting winds of sand and dust, and the deterioration of the horizontal visibility to reach 20 meters on some roads.

Iman Shaker explained that the intensity of the storm varies in intensity from one region to another, as the western regions will be more affected and witness a lack of horizontal visibility, sometimes reaching only 20 meters.

She added that Cairo and Lower Egypt will be affected by the dust storm coming from the Libyan desert, but it will be less affected than the western regions, explaining that the northern Upper Egypt and Sinai regions will be affected and with it the visibility will decrease.

The agent of the Remote Sensing Center at the General Meteorological Authority advised travelers to drive quietly to avoid any accidents.

She pointed out that the spring is known for the presence of weather fluctuations and it is known as the Khamaseen winds, explaining that the temperature rises at the end of the day and returns to the beginning of tomorrow, and the drop reaches 10 degrees in some areas, while the temperature drops in Cairo this evening and citizens feel cold and the maximum tomorrow reaches 23 degrees.

She concluded that low temperatures are accompanied by activity of winds and a cold mass, and there are rains on the northern coasts, but they are light, and the temperatures return to normal rates during the day and night, and the maximum is between 21 and 22.

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