What did NASA say about the launch of the first helicopter on Mars?


NASA revealed a helicopter that sent it to Mars at the bottom of the Perseverance craft, confirming that its first flight will be next month, and it published a picture of it strapped before it was published in the air, as the shield covering the small helicopter was removed from the side of the persistence vehicle, revealing it.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, NASA said that it had been folded and installed in place at the stage of landing on the red planet, and now the perseverance vehicle begins to search for the designated airstrip inside the Jezero crater, where a helicopter will start Ingenuity Her first flight.

And NASA said, it will launch no later than the first week of April, at which point they will have 30 days to conduct the first launch of a helicopter on another world.

The debris shield was designed to protect the 4-pound helicopter as it landed on the Red Planet more than a month ago on February 18, 2021.

The US Space Agency also tracks the weather on the surface of Mars to make sure it is just as safe to fly as a pilot on Earth gets a forecast of the weather.

NASA explained, “The clear weather that we care about can be called the atmosphere, but there is also a different type of weather that we care about which is space weather, which has to do with the fact that a helicopter is a spacecraft as much as it is a plane.”

The atmospheric weather is related to conditions such as the density of air at the time of flight, which affects the thrust the rotor can produce, and the temperature and wind profiles during the day are also used to estimate the energy required to operate the heaters.

The wind at the time of the flight is associated with the risks associated with takeoff, landing and flying in extremely stormy conditions, as space weather is linked to the radiation coming from the sun and how this affects the helicopter, as everything on Mars is baths in cosmic rays.


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