What does space internet mean? .. All you need to know about the Starlink project from SpaceX


Elon Musk is close to realizing his dream of creating a high-speed Internet around the world or what is known as “satellite internet”, which is launched from satellites in orbit to the earth. Since its launch in October, Starlink Internet from SpaceX has reached more than 10,000 users worldwide. And it began offering $ 99 pre-orders for the service to more countries and cities around the world.

Starlink’s public beta test, known as “Better Than Nothing Beta,” was a hit with those who live in remote areas of the northern United States, where it was first introduced.

What is Starlink?

SpaceX is building an expanded satellite internet network in space called Starlink, and the space company launched the first batch of Starlink satellites into orbit in May 2019, and now, it has more than 1,200 satellites ready for service, and perhaps the goal is to have up to 42,000 satellites in Orbit by mid-2027.

The satellites are attached to the top of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, and are launched into orbit, usually 60 satellites are launched per launch, and perhaps the goal is to create a high-speed broadband system created by satellites that envelop the Earth. It provides the Internet to people, especially in rural areas, without a connection.

Starlink isn’t cheap

Subscription to the trial version is currently $ 99 per month, and it costs an additional $ 499 for the Starlink kit, which includes a tripod, a WiFi router and a satellite station, and in February, SpaceX began pre-orders for Starlink to other countries so that users can now deposit 100 $ For the service as soon as it becomes available.

The fastest speed ever recorded is 215 Mbps

SpaceX stated in an email to Starlink beta subscribers in October that they should expect speeds between 50 and 150 Mbps, with intermittent outages.
But some users achieve much higher speeds, and a list compiled by the Reddit Starlink community shows that the fastest download speeds to date was 209.17 Mbps, recorded in New York, with one person in Utah in December scoring their own speed test that showed 215 Mbps. the second.

The service is available in 6 countries

Starlink was initially operating in parts of the northern United States and southern Canada, and more recently in the United Kingdom, and in February, Starlink began opening pre-orders in other parts of the world, with people in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and parts of the United States and Canada confirmed – where no Starlink running after – on Twitter and Reddit they managed to deposit a deposit for internet service in mid to late 2021.

More countries could give the green light to Starlink this year, including Spain, Italy, India, Japan and the Caribbean, according to a report by Teslarati.


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