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The issue of the Renaissance Dam remains one of our biggest concerns as Egyptians, regardless of the different whims and levels, and what was attributed to an Ethiopian minister irritated us, as did many Ethiopian stances over the years. I received a comment from Dr. Nader Noureddine about what I wrote last week, as I saw readers post it.

Dr. Noureddine described the Ethiopian minister’s statement as a fallacy. When he says that Ethiopia should have a share of the water of the Nile River because it contributes about 85% of the total water of the Nile River and does not benefit from any share of it in exchange for only 15% that the White Nile, which originates from the six countries of the Great Equatorial Lakes region, contributes. It is a fallacious statement, as Ethiopia possesses all the water of Lake Tana from which the Blue Nile originates, and it contains about 55 billion cubic meters, and it maintains two electricity generation stations, several drinking water stations and an outlet for agriculture and industry, in addition to 50 thousand tons of fish and lake fishing annually . It also built the Takizi Dam on one of the tributaries of the Atbara River, which is the second river of the Nile after the Blue Nile that stems from Ethiopia, and this dam reserves another 10 billion cubic meters, and also generates electricity from it and establishes stations for drinking water and an outlet for industry and agriculture.

Consequently, Ethiopia actually gets from the water of the three rivers of the Nile that originates from Ethiopia on between 40 to 50 billion cubic meters, in addition to the 936 billion cubic meters of rain that falls on the basins of the three Nile rivers from which they originate, but they are mistaken and do not consider them as shares that benefit from them. . It also wants to get another share of the water that flows between the banks of the Blue Nile, Atbara and Sobat. In addition, Ethiopia has six other river basins other than the three rivers of the Nile, and each river basin includes dozens of tributaries and benefits from all of its water, and therefore it wants to deduct water from the Blue Nile water that does not need it, but only for harm, because its share of the six basins water for other rivers It is abundant, and the United Nations estimates it to reach 123 billion cubic meters annually, but it wants to forfeit its partners’ shares in the waters of the three Nile rivers that originate from Ethiopia, and withhold water from which it does not actually need, but it does so to control political and regional control over Egypt and Sudan.

As evidenced by the fact that the per capita share of water in Ethiopia is three times the per capita share of water in Egypt, and it has 100 million heads of livestock due to the abundance of rains that bring out natural pastures in exchange for only 8 million heads in Egypt, and Ethiopia grows an area ten times more than what Egypt cultivates. With an area of ​​35 million hectares, compared to an area of ​​3.5 million hectares cultivated by Egypt, which imports 65% of its food in exchange for almost self-sufficiency in Ethiopia. All of these things point to the abundance of water that Ethiopia is experiencing, but it covets more water from the country of water poverty and the vast deserts of Egypt, and this is against reason, conscience and humanity.

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