What is Nextdoor platform and how to use it in simple steps?


Nextdoor is a social platform used to connect with neighbors, imagine a platform like Facebook, but instead of filling up your newsfeed with friends and family, the people who live in your area are the ones who are around you and share the news, it’s also an easy way to get to know the people around you without interacting Face to face, for purposes of social distancing.

According to business insider, Nextdoor is used to post posts about finding lost keys in a local park, or to alert others to small crimes and weather conditions, but it is only available in a few countries so far, including the United Kingdom, America and Canada.

Also, to join Nextdoor, you can download it for iOS or Android or register on their website, and after logging in, you’ll see that people are generally posting neighborhood updates, finding lost pets, or items for sale.

How to use Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a discussion-style platform, where neighbors post updates, polls, events and request recommendations, as well as menu items for sale.

Posting a new discussion is easy, as there is a text box at the top of the Nextdoor homepage, and you can click the plus sign on mobile devices to do so.

Identify a category your post falls under before writing it, whether it’s a recommendation, an item for sale, a safety concern, a lost, found, or public update.

Make sure to specify who can see your post before posting, if anyone can see the posts, only your neighborhood, or a specific private group within the app.

You can select and browse the different categories on the left side of the site. You can search for posts about local businesses, items for sale, public agency updates, real estate listings, lost and found items, public safety, and public posts.

On the Groups tab, you can create your own group or join public groups near you.

Also, under the “Neighbors” tab, you can find neighbors based on the streets they live in, add them to your neighbors list, and you can write to any neighbor who has open letters.

The Pets tab acts as a directory of pets owned by neighbors in your area, and if a pet is lost or found, you can use this tab to find the owner based on the pet’s picture.

Your profile can be updated to include a brief description of yourself, how long you’ve lived in the neighborhood, what you do at work and hobbies, and you can also add family members who also have Nextdoor accounts and pets, your profile is where you manage your for sale and free lists.

The Notifications tab will alert you of any updates in your area, whether they are urgent or not, and you can manage how you receive notifications by going to the Nextdoor Notifications Settings page.


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