What is the difference? … the most prominent differences between Chrome OS and Windows 10


Windows 10 operating system is one of the most widespread operating systems in the world since it was first launched in 2015, but on the other hand other operating systems, such as Chrome OS from Google, continue to evolve, as Chromebooks that run on Google’s operating system have become It offers more possibilities, especially in the field of education, and below we show a set of features that differentiate them as follows:

– tablet mode

Although Windows 10 provides this mode, Google has worked to improve the placement of the tablet PC in the Chromebook devices that run Chrome OS in a great way, unlike Microsoft, which although it has major touch devices such as: Surface Pro Tablet Windows 10 does not work well with these devices.

– Application support

While the Windows operating system supports only computer applications, we find that Chrome OS supports three types of applications: Linux, Android, and traditional progressive web applications supported by the Google Chrome browser, while Windows 10 only supports Microsoft Store applications or Win32 applications. For the desktop.

Operating system performance

Chromebooks work better and faster compared to Windows 10 devices, in addition to security features that are one of the most important strengths of Chromebooks, as Google has always focused on the security of its operating system compared to other systems.


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