What is the reason for Yasmine Sabry preference for monogram fashion?


The Egyptian actress, Yasmine Sabry, was able to fit into the category of the wealthy class, as she is linked to a powerful and wealthy businessman, but she is smart in her choices, especially those related to her modern elegance.

Sabri published a picture of her wearing a sweater with a half sleeve fitted with the monogram inscription that forms the identity of the house, but she chose it in white and broke the monotony of the brown or beige color that formed the identity of the house, according to (my lady).

Yasmine coordinated her front button-locked blouse with classic black pants, wore a glossy leather REVERT BOOTS and carried a pink leather bag in her hand, and also wore semi-circular Mask glasses to add sophistication to her complete look.Yasmine Sabry in a monogram knitted look

Whoever watches her looks, which she publishes through the Instagram application, it becomes clear to him that the star loves the monogram pattern. Soft in ear.

As for accessories, we saw small bags and shopping bags, so the house launched in the escale, Watercolor and Pool collection, that the house is recovering the water monogram pattern, using modern techniques and has been introduced to shoes such as sandals and monogram sneakers that intertwine with several types of fabrics.
What are the five reasons Jasmine embraced the monogram trend?

It is a cry related to the ancient history of the house. Whoever wears it becomes part of the heritage of the house, which began using monograms since the middle of the nineteenth century.

There is a rich and youthful collection of designs that keep up with all Yasmine Sabry occasions, such as sports shoes and light navy dresses.

It has accessories such as jewelry boxes and boxes to store watches or hats, which is what our star needs especially as she has a lot of them and needs to be preserved and packed during travel.

The monogram fashion features a classic twist of dresses, midi skirts and closed-neck tops, which she needs to accompany her husband on his social occasions.

The accessories are classy and star-studded, such as glasses, masks with monograms on the frame, and sling back stilettos.


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