What means the new Smart Block feature in Firefox browser


Mozilla recently unveiled version 87 of Firefox, which includes two important features, most notably the Smart Block, which is considered a new smart tracking blocking mechanism for private browsing and a strict tracking protection mode, and the mechanism ensures that Firefox’s strong privacy protection is accompanied by a web browsing experience. Fantastic.

Smart Block feature

It is noteworthy that since 2015 Firefox has included the content blocking feature that works in private browsing windows and the protection from strict tracking mode, as part of the efforts made to provide a strong privacy option, and this feature automatically prevents the download of scripts, images, and other third-party content from tracking companies via Sites.

By blocking these tracking components, private browsing windows in Firefox prevent you from seeing you while you are browsing, but the company has left that introducing a policy that categorically prevents trackers inevitably risks blocking the components necessary for some websites to function properly, which can lead to images not appearing , Features not working, poor performance, or even the whole page not loading at all.

The SmartBlock feature came to solve this problem, as this feature fixes web pages that have been interrupted due to the browser’s tracking protection measures, without compromising user privacy, and SmartBlock provides local reserves for blocked third-party tracking texts, so that these backup scripts behave like the original texts To ensure that the site is functioning properly.


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