When is the 2021 African Nations Cup? What is the tournament system and the host country?


All you need to know about the 2021 CAN, when does the tournament start and end? Qualified teams, draw dates, broadcast channels, past champions and more

The countdown to the start of the Africa Cup of Nations 2021 began with the end of the qualifying rounds for the tournament, which resulted in the qualification of the continent’s senior citizens and did not witness many surprises.

The popularity of the African nations has increased in recent years with the increase of professionals in the continent in European leagues, and the decision of a number of players to represent the national teams of their countries, after the largest blacks of players in the past preferred to represent European teams, led by France.

The Corona virus has greatly affected the 2021 Nations Cup, as has all the competitions that were scheduled to be held in 2021, such as the Copa America, the European Nations Cup and the Tokyo Olympics.

In this report, Goal conveys to you everything related to the next edition of the African Nations Cup, the dates of the tournament, the channels that will carry it, and more.

When is the 2021 African Nations Cup?

The African Nations Cup was scheduled to be held between June and July 2021, but January 15, 2020, the CAF announced the advancement of the tournament, to be held between January and February 2021.

However, after the outbreak of the Corona virus around the world, it was not enough for the date of the African Cup of Nations for the third time, and this time he postponed it for a whole year, To be played during January and February 2021 .

What is the 2021 CAN system?

24 teams will participate in the African Nations Cup for the second time in a row, after the previous edition that was held in Egypt in 2019.

The African Nations teams are divided into 6 quadruple groups, and by the end of the first round, the teams that ranked first and second from each group qualify, and the best 4 teams that got the third place follow them.

The rest of the African Nations Cup matches will be played in a knockout system, from the round of 16 until the final.

Which teams qualify for the 2021 African Cup of Nations?

The teams participating in the 2021 African Nations Cup are complete, with the exception of one team, which will be Sierra Leone or Benin, but due to the crisis that took place before the match due to the presence of a number of Corona cases, the match was not played.

Seven Arab teams rose for the African nations this year, which are Algeria, Tunisia, Comoros, Egypt, Sudan, Morocco and Mauritania.

Teams that sold them in the tournament also clinched their qualification cards, similar to Senegal and Cameroon as the homeowners.

The qualifying teams for the Nations of Africa 2021
Cameroon Senegal
Algeria Finance
Tunisia Burkina Faso
Guinea Comoros
Gabon Gambia
Egypt Ghana
Equatorial Guinea Zimbabwe
Côte d’Ivoire Morocco, West, sunset
Nigeria Sudan
Malawi Ethiopia
green headSierra Leone / Benin

When is the 2021 African Nations Cup draw?

The CAF has not set the date for the 2021 African Nations Cup draw yet, but it is expected that the announcement will be made after the number of the 24 participating teams has been completed.

Likewise, it has not been decided which country will host the draw, but Cameroon is expected to be the host of the tournament in its next edition.

Africa Cup of Nations 2021

What are the channels for the 2021 African Cup of Nations?

A group of beIN Sports channels has obtained the rights to broadcast the 2021 African Nations Cup in the Middle East, and it will be the only exclusive carrier on the Arab satellites Nilesat, SohailSat, Arabsat and others.

You can also follow the upcoming matches of the African nations through the live broadcast service, which is provided by the Goal website for the most important matches of the Arab teams and the championship in general.

The tournamentConveyor channelFollow up online
Africa Cup of Nations 2020beIN SPORTSbeIN CONNECT, Goal’s live streaming service

What are the hosting stadiums for the 2021 African Cup of Nations?

The 2021 African Nations Cup matches will be held in Cameroon, and 6 stadiums have been designated for this purpose.

The stadiumCapacitanceCity
Jaboma headquarters 50,000Douala
Headquarters Bull 60,000Yaounde
Ahmadu Ahedjo Stadium 42,500Yaounde
Headquarters Romadi Adjia 30,000They ran
Quikong headquarters 20,000بافوسام
Limby headquarters 20,000Limbe

Who are the historical heroes of the African Cup of Nations?

Algeria won the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, achieving its second title in its history and equating with Côte d’Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Africa Cup of Nations

As for the historic champion of the nations of Africa, it is the Egyptian national team, which has won the championship on 7 previous occasions, followed by Cameroon with five titles, and Ghana behind them with four titles.

As for the Arab teams who won the African Nations Cup before, along with Egypt and Algeria, they are Tunisia, Sudan and Morocco, and each of them got it only once.

The ElectThe number of titles
Egypt national team 7 (1957، 1959، 1986، 1998، 2006، 2008، 2010)
Cameroon 5 (1984، 1988، 2000، 2002، 2017)
Ghana 4 (1963، 1965، 1978، 1982)
Nigeria 3 (1980، 1994، 2013)
Côte d’Ivoire 2 (1992، 2015)
Algeria national team 1 (1990، 2019)
Democratic Republic of Congo 2 (1968، 1974)
Zambia 1 (2012)
Tunisia national team 1 (2004)
Sudan national team 1 (1970)
Morocco national team 1 (1976)
Ethiopia 1 (1962)
South Africa 1 (1996)
Congo 1 (1972)

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