When medicine and art fuse in the crucible of creativity (6)


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Today we continue the journey of creativity with two world class doctors. Osama Hamdy and Dr. Raouf Al-Nafees and the meeting of Al-Sahab who brought together the two giants Muhammad Abdel Wahhab and Umm Kulthum in the magnificence of the great poet Ahmed Shafiq Kamel (You are my life) who was called the poet of Al-Harmayn after this meeting and he also wrote the words of the largest national anthem in which a number of Arab art stars participated in that period, as well as He wrote (The story of a people and let the arms awake), and many others, then in his last years he devoted himself to religious songs .. We start first with the literary analysis of Professor Dr. Osama Hamdy:

Many of us do not understand the meaning or value of love, and each of us has a different definition of it, but what all lovers have agreed upon is that love is the true beginning of a person’s life, which obliges what precedes it. A person’s life and makes it happy and carefree to the point where the person fears for his life, days, and even his hours and seconds. True love, when he is born in our life, pure and sincere, erases with him the pain of the past and restores to the soul its balance. What you lived in the past seems like a past time and lost years, so the light of your lover is the true beginning of life and the inevitable end of sadness and pain ( Take your eyes back to me … for my days that they taught me to regret the past and its wounds that I saw before you saw the meaning of Omar lost … they think it is like me.) Then the song begins, summarizing for us the value of life in the phrase of the impossible wish (Why did not meet us with your love, my beloved Badri ?!) The heart did not rejoice from Before he was only injured by wounds, and here lies the beginning of a new life in which there is joy, longing, and joy. …. O my heart’s life … O more precious than H Come, why don’t you meet your love, my beloved Badri) and here the joy and joy of love begins when each of them puts their supplies and their abundance of longing and love in their sweet nights, and the poet dances with them with words that express the beauty of love (sweet nights .. and longing and love for a long time .. and the heart will be for you, a duke with me love Duke … a grain of a grain of the tenderness of my heart, which has long longed for your tenderness), and love reconciles us with our lives and makes us forget our pain and makes us forgive time for what he did to us to clear our hearts completely and start a new life together, and if I asked the lover about his beloved, he would have said without hesitation that he is more precious than his days and sweeter than his dreams And he wants to take him, with his tenderness, away to a joyful, pink world (Oh the most precious … from my days, the sweetest … from my dreams, take me with your tenderness, take me away from existence … and drive me away) and then finally he does not remain until the lover says again and confirms (Take me back from you .. to my days They are gone).

And now we turn to the technical analysis of Dr. Raouf Al-Nafees (it is first noticed that Abdel-Wahhab, the owner of the narcissistic personality, decided that renewal and dazzling be the title of the new experience that was born after Baligh Hamdy entered the al-Kalthoumi airspace in 1960 with two songs: Love, Eh, and Asak .. in the same style that he is accustomed to. People are with Umm Kulthum. Indeed, it was the beginning of dazzling with clicks from the thick-sounded double-bass to mobilize the enthusiasm of the listeners, and after every click of the solemn tune, Dais answered his servant Saleh, the king of law, with a sentence that escalated until it reached the highest levels of the status of the Kurds, then the two-finger play would come quickly with the participation of the strings .. Then The guitar enters Abdel Fattah Khairy, followed by Solo for the violin by the gentleman Ahmad Al-Hefnawy, then the strings repeat the melody .. Then the storm subsides and everyone calms down, so Umm Kulthum begins without rhythm and when it reaches (You are my life) she uses a three-quarter tune tune as if it will turn into the maqam of the Rast and then continue from the maqam of the Kurds then The second coble comes from the same place and in the next coble the law shares its introduction in a dialogue with the strings, then enters the violin. The strings until the coble garlic ends from the shrine of the Kurds by saying (You are .. you are my life) and this won Abdel Wahab and won his bet on the idea of ​​renewal, and his method succeeded in dazzling in mobilizing the groans and extracting the feelings inherent in the chests to announce the conclusion of the meeting and the beginning of a long cooperation between two stars in the sky of Egyptian art. Time, double).

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