When paranoia and herd culture replace justice … the story of a film worth watching


That is, the boldness of the Danish director Thomas Winterberg as he narrated over 115 minutes of paranoia, herd culture, and the absence of justice.

An ordeal that resembles a “social Bermuda Triangle”, and it can swallow a person’s reputation in a flash, even if it is the size of a “Titanic”, due to an unreal charge based on an innocent little lie, through the movie “The Hunt”, as a Danish cinematic masterpiece, Film critic Philip French described it as a very scary and compelling story.

In the conservative Danish countryside, which Charlotte Bruce Christensen excelled in portraying, when it is late autumn, darkness approaches, leaves falling and snowflakes messing with the air, Winterberg avoids mystery and rallies behind his besieged hero Lucas (Mads Mikkelsen), as a simple 40-year-old man. He used to live peacefully and content with everyone’s love and respect, and he used to deal with satisfaction and joy in his temporary job in a small nursery, despite losing a previous suitable job, and he struggled to keep his son after the divorce, and he felt that things were improving after a new love appeared in his life.

Lucas is a divorced teacher in a small town in Denmark, and an active and famous member of a close-knit society who sees his apparent manly potential and acts with confidence, especially during the annual deer hunting season.

Lucas often encountered the child Clara (Anika Wederkop), the daughter of his close friend Theo (Thomas Beau Lars), and was standing on the street alone because her parents were late to come to pick her up, so he treated her with parental kindness, and walked with her until he drove her to her family’s home, without even thinking that he would wake up One day for a lie that leads to the destruction of his life and his reputation.

After an embarrassing and shocking incident that Clara had with her older brother and his companion, her thoughts about Lucas were confused to the point that he reprimanded her for wrongful behavior from her, luring her unbridled imagination out of hatred and a sense of hurt feelings, that she fabricated an outrageous accusation that she detonated in the face of the nursery director, according to which Lucas He directly molested her, revealing sensitive parts of his body, so the director rushed to call a child psychiatrist, who in turn asked the girl guiding questions to fuel her thoughts in the direction of further implicating Lucas, and then he decided to report to the police.

The innocent lie

Although Clara was about to forget her lie at almost the next moment, but it began to spread and spread in the world of bureaucracy to come, especially after the meeting of the nursery administration with the parents of the child, heralding the kick-off in a zero-sum battle in which the accusation circle slowly expanded, before rushing to sweep Lucas In a torrent of suspicion, he turned the accusation into conviction, and the victim’s doubts into paranoia.

He also transformed the pleasant, lovable man who overflowed with nobility into a threat to society, and a figure driven by angry isolation, after he was marginalized, and the shops began to refuse to provide him with any service, and a butcher entered into a battle with him, and his window was shot, and his dog was killed, leaving only his son next to him.

Lucas became an outcast facing a mass frenzy that makes everyone fight him, after they believed the story, considering that the plaintiff is “a child who is impossible to lie”; This led him to fight a psychological war alone to regain his dignity, culminating in the church, at Mass on Christmas Eve, when Lucas confronted the entire community and made them have to face themselves.

Winterberg played creativity, skill and fearlessly on two of the most important aspects of this type of accusation; The first is, “Every person in power has been keen to prove that he does not play any role in any attempt to calm down, and that they do not ignore the testimony of the children, even if it is against an innocent person. And the second of them,” Although there is no doubt that Lucas is innocent, we see how reasonable people can They reach an irreversible moment of mass hysteria, when the accused suddenly becomes a taboo, or a polluted microbe is to be killed. ”

As for the young Clara, although she is at fault, she is completely innocent, in a terrifying and combustible mixture, because of a society uniting against an individual – despite the authorities’ refusal to charge him for the extreme lack of evidence – under the pretext of eliminating evil, without realizing that they are committing evil themselves.

Noting that Lucas did not seek the help of a lawyer, a person in this case would be so dumbfounded that he would not think of a lawyer, or perhaps he thought that such a procedure would be an admission of guilt and surrender to a wrong and unjust reality.

Winterberg also ultimately seemed to make a fleeting notion that the only culprits here are the parents who allow their children to access Internet pornography, according to critic Peter Bradshaw.

“The Hunting” is a Danish cinematic masterpiece, which has been described as a very scary and convincing story (communication sites)

Impactful action

“Hunting” is an influential drama about a teacher unjustly accused of child abuse. He co-wrote with Danish scriptwriter Tobias Lindholm, and directed it in 2012, with clarity and ingenuity that was evident in his presentation of a thrilling dramatic film, covered in a horror film, without prejudice to his ideal strength, maturity and intelligence. According to critic Peter Bradshaw.

And in the heart of the work starred Danish star Mads Mikkelsen, who won the Best Actor award at the Cannes Film Festival for the role of Lucas, in a manner suggestive of pent-up torment with the tiniest gestures, until critic French described him as “one of the best actors in recent years, playing all kinds of roles, and giving all A person who is entitled to it without deviating from the frame. ”

There was also a strong and influential performance by Anika Wederkop, in the role of Clara, the little girl who threw everyone into the eye of the storm, while the amazing filming was by the creative Danish cinematographer Charlotte Bruce Christensen.


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