When receiving the Corona vaccine, women suffer more than men


The American website “In Style”, which is concerned with issues, said woman, Women experience stronger side effects from receiving Vaccines More than men.

The site added that the data collected from the first month of vaccinations in United State It appears that 79 percent of the side effects of the vaccine are such as: fever AndChills AndHeadache Women had – and that though Women They received about 61 percent of the doses.

A doctor in Baltimore, Maryland, Vivek Sherryan, said he was not at all surprised by these results, which show women are more exposed to side effects than men.

And he indicated that this happened in the past with many vaccines.

In turn, said a doctor specializing in hormone replacement therapy in New York, Erika Schwartz, that these results are consistent with the repercussions of the influenza vaccine and the reactions shown by women to vaccines.

But why are women more sensitive?

The American site says that science confirms that men are less immune than women, and due to their strong immunity, they suffer from a greater interaction in the immune system, and this explains the strong response to vaccines.

The two doctors involved in the report believe that it is also related to the female hormone estrogen, which increases the immune response, while testosterone (the male hormone) inhibits it.

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