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CBC announced the date of the showing of the new season of the program “Hazer Fazr”, which is presented by Laila Ahmed Zahir instead of Hana Zahid.

CBC published, through its social media accounts, the announcement of the first episode of the new season of the program, and Laila Zahir hosts two teams of artists in the episode, the first team consisting of her father, the artist Ahmed Zahir, Haidi Karam and Ahmed Safwat, and the second team consisting of Ahmed Al-Saadani, Inas Kamel and Engi Ali.

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The announcement of the episode witnessed a pleasant situation between Laila Zaher and her father, as she made sure to call him by his name “Zahir” without titles, which raised his surprise, to justify her position that he was her father at home, but in the studio she is the presenter of the program and is in control of the place.

The episodes of the program “Hazer Fazer with Lolly” will be shown at exactly ten in the evening, local time, on Saturday and Sunday of each week on CBC.

It is noteworthy that the “Hazer Fazr” program is an entertainment program that hosts two teams of artists to compete in a set of games based on technical information and quick wit. The first season of it was presented here Zahid, and Laila Zahir, the presenter of the second season, was a guest on its episodes, accompanied by her father, artist Ahmed Zaher, and her sister Malak. .

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