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Today, Monday, the Kuwaiti actress, Abeer Al-Khader, died of her infection with the Corona virus, in a Kuwaiti hospital.

The late artist Abeer Al-Khader topped the search engine “Google”, as well as social networking sites, during the past few hours, upon her departure, as a large segment of the public was looking for who was the late artist Abeer Al-Khader?

– Kuwaiti actress

Al-Khader began acting through the role of the wicked stepmother in the series “The Empress”, and then continued to present many minor and secondary roles, including: “Playing Tears”, “Jumana”, “The Leaning House”, “Moza and Luza”, and “As Fate Willing” .

– Her first theatrical work was titled “New Look” almost 15 years ago, in which she collaborated with Suad Salman, Walid Al-Dhaen, Suzan Al-Faris, Saud Al-Shuwaie, Mishary Al-Balam and Yaqoub Abdullah, according to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan.

– Her first steps in the world of television drama were in 2006, through the series “The Empress”, and its events revolve around a social context, around “Faisal”, who suddenly moves to the luxury class, when a businessman takes him as a cover, through which he can practice his commercial business. They agreed that “Faysal” would be the bond and protection, and the relationship between them continued until this man decided to get rid of “Faisal”, and events escalated.

Her art archive includes about 30 theatrical and television works.

– Her last television work was the series “The Great House”, which was shown in 2016, and the story revolves in a comic framework about a wealthy man who has no inheritance, so he sends a message through the application of “WhatsApp”, searching for the rest of his family, so the message is transmitted among people, And it circulates among the citizens of several countries.

– Among her most prominent works are “Who Has First Money,” “The False Face,” “Pending Investigation,” “The Light,” and “One Roof.”

Abeer was absent from the art scene for a while due to her corneal disease, which required her to undergo surgery and travel outside Kuwait.



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