Why does retinopathy occur and what are its main symptoms?


Retinopathy Central serous is a medical condition, in which fluid accumulates behind the retina in the eye, which can cause sudden or progressive loss of vision with the detachment of the central retina called the macula, according to a report on the website medicalnewstoday

Central retinopathy
Central retinopathy

Central serous retinopathy occurs in the retina, which is responsible for translating the light taken into the eye as images that the brain can understand. Retinal detachmentThis may lead to vision problems, and in some cases the patient may regain his vision after a short period, although people should see a doctor immediately if they begin to notice changes in vision..

The patient suffers from some symptoms that occur in central retinopathy, especially in the early stage, which includes blurry vision, so that the vision problem is limited to one eye.

Additional symptoms of central serous retinopathy may include:

1 things appear away

2. The lines look crooked

3. A dark spot in the center of vision

There are some factors that cause central serous retinopathy, such as:

1. Feeling of constant fatigue

Stress is a possible cause of central serous retinopathy, as it may cause the body to produce a hormone called cortisol, which can cause inflammation, which may lead to fluid accumulation in the back of the eye.

2. Age:

Central serous retinopathy is more common in middle-aged men than in elderly people and women, and women may be less likely to have this condition than men..


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