Will Ahmed Hassan Coca return to lead Al-Ahly attack again?


Responsible mode Alahli football club Idea of ​​re Ahmed Hassan Coca Olympiacos striker, Greece, to the club once again to support the team in the upcoming summer transfers.

وبدأ Al-Ahly officials In search of players to support the team in the next season, under orders from South African Pitso Musimani, who asked to support the right wing and attack after the team suffered from wasting many easy opportunities in front of the goal, the most prominent of which was what happened in front of the Vita Club in Cairo.

Al-Ahly officials are armed with this idea that Ahmed Hassan “Coca” is a young Al-Ahly club, and he was stepped up to train with the first team, before moving to Portuguese Rio Ave in 2011, in addition to that he will not need the departure of any foreign player to sign him, unlike what will happen if Support Al-Ahly with a foreign player.

Coca fought with Rio Ave in 98 matches, scoring 32 goals, before moving to Sporting Braga, and he participated with him in 108 matches and scored 25 goals, and moved to the Greek Olympiakos in two periods, the first on loan, the second in final form and participated with him in 75 matches and scored 34 goals in various tournaments..

Coca participated with the national team in 26 international matches, scored 5 goals, and scored two goals in the 2013 Youth World Cup with Egypt.

Coca continues to lead the Egyptian scorers’ ranking in the history of the European League by scoring the ninth goal in his career in the championship during his participation, when he led the Greek Olympiacos to climb to the round of sixteen at the expense of Dutch Eindhoven with a goal in a deadly time..


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