Will Diang leave on the way Evona from Al-Ahly?


Receive Financial Alyu Diang A number of recent shows, despite the confidence South African Pitso Musimane The midfielder’s services are largely due to the fact that Diang’s departure from the Red Castle is imminent, in the manner of Malik Evona, the former Al-Ahly striker.

And it was Gabonese striker Malik Evona He fought the 2015-2016 season, with the Red Genie, during which he played 24 matches in all competitions, scored 12 goals, before leaving for Tangin Teda, China, and recently joined Sfaxia, Tunisia, and participated in just 15 minutes to suffer a cut in the cruciate ligament.

Al-Ahly is looking to sell Diang in the summer in order to benefit from the value of his sale financially, in light of Musimani’s welcome to dispense with him, to rely on the duo Amr Al-Sulayyah and Hamdi Fathi, and with them the rising Akram Tawfiq, and the possibility of relying on Afsha in the midfield.

The material value of Diang’s sale is an influencing factor in Al-Ahly’s decision to dispense with the financial player, especially in light of the existence of appropriate alternatives to the way Musimani plays in the Al-Ahly midfield.

In the summer of 2019, Al-Ahly signed a contract with Diang for five seasons, as Diang, 23, occupies the position of a defensive midfielder and is one of Mali’s first and Olympic team players. Serious negotiations settled the deal in favor of Al-Ahly for 5 seasons two seasons ago.


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