Will Fergani Sassi move to Pyramids after Zamalek withdrew from renewing the contract?


Tunisian international Ferjani Sassi, the midfielder of the first football team at Zamalek, is close to ending his relationship with the White Castle, as the player’s contract with his club will expire at the end of the current season, and the management has not reached an agreement with Ferjani regarding the renewal of his contract until the present time.

And with the approaching The departure of Fergani Sassi On Zamalek, the Pyramids club is the only Egyptian club capable of joining Fergani Sassi, especially since the management of the heavenly team does not skimp on anything that is in the interest of the football team, and has succeeded in concluding many deals of a heavy caliber such as the inclusion of Ramadan Sobhi from the English Huddersfield, and before him Abdullah Al-Saeed and other heavyweights.

Pyramids had previously searched for a super player in order to strengthen the midfield, at the beginning of the current season, and in the forefront of Mali Aliyu Diang, Hamdi Fathy and Amr Al-Soleya players, Al-Ahly players, but their departure from the Red Castle was impossible in light of the need for their services, and after Ferjani Sassi became free and from He has the right to sign for any team without referring to his club management, so it is expected that he will enter Pyramids’ accounts to contract with him and support the team’s ranks in the new season.

Zamalek club management rejected all the requests that Sassi had requested in order to renew his contract, as the management saw that the requests of the player and his agent, Muhannad Aoun, were greatly exaggerated, which prompted them to make a decision not to renew Fergani unless he agreed to the club’s conditions.

A source familiar with Zamalek revealed that the management had withdrawn the offer made to the Tunisian international Ferjani Sassi, in order to renew his contract, as Zamalek initially offered an amount of one million and 600 thousand euros in the season, with the player receiving his previous arrears amounting to 300 thousand euros taxes of the old contract, And 300,000 euros, the remainder of the last season’s dues, once the new contract is signed, and taxes are calculated as the contract provider for the new contract.

The source added Zamalek management I informed the player that the offer had been withdrawn, due to the lack of financial liquidity in the club at the present time, especially after it was close to bidding farewell to the African Championship.

The source continued his speech, that Ferjani Sassi puts Zamalek number 2 in his choices, as the player prefers to leave at the end of the season, and in the event that he does not receive a meaningful offer, he will renew Zamalek.


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