Will Omar Marmouche be the surprise of Al-Ahly in the summer transfers?


Taught officials Alahli football club The idea of ​​hiring Egyptian Omar Marmouche, the German player of St. Pauli, on loan from Wolfsburg, Germany Summer transfers Coming.

Al-Ahly officials began searching for players to support the team next season, under orders from South Africa, Pitso MusimaniAnd who asked to strengthen the right wing and attack after the team suffered from many easy opportunities in front of the goal, the most prominent of which was what happened in front of the Vita Club in Cairo.

Omar Marmouche has succeeded in making a major contribution in keeping his team away from the relegation areas early this year, and his team is currently ranked 11th in the league and it is one of the warm places in the ranking ladder..

Omar Marmouche, 22, played 13 games with his team this season, during which he scored 5 goals and made a goal with 1021 minutes, which drew the attention of Al-Ahly officials, especially in light of his young age and professionalism.

It is worth noting that Marmouche, who had previously played in the Tigris Valley, moved from his club Wolfsburg in order to gain more participation in matches after he was on the bench in most matches last season, where he only participated in 6 matches..

Marmouche dreams of getting the opportunity to represent the Olympic national team during the upcoming Tokyo Olympics under the leadership of the coach of the national team Shawky Gharib, who confirmed on more than one occasion that he follows the player strongly and may join the ranks of the Pharaohs, but on the condition that he participate in the matches on a regular basis.


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