Will Ronaldo break a Dadi record and become the “World Scorer” this year? (Video)


Can Ronaldo break a Demi number and become?


Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo broke his scoring fast in the last four international matches with his country, after he managed to score the net against Luxembourg, on Tuesday, in the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

Ronaldo scored the second goal for Portugal in the 50th minute of the match, after he took advantage of a cross from his colleague Joao Cancelo in the area to divert the ball into the net, to contribute to the victory of Portugal, 3-1.

With this goal, Ronaldo raised his score to 103 goals with his country, to consolidate his position in second place, and reduce the difference to 6 goals with Iranian legend Ali Daei (109 goals), the top scorer in the history of football at the international level.

It is likely that Ronaldo will succeed in breaking a Dai number or at least his equation this year, given that the “Don” is about to play a set of matches with his country, including at least 3 matches in the European Nations Cup scheduled for next summer, and some matches in European qualifiers for the World Cup Qatar.

Source: Squawka Football


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