Windows 10 gets new File Explorer icons


Microsoft gives File Explorer inside Windows 10 a visual fix with new icons, and the software giant has begun rolling out a trial version of Windows 10 that includes changes to the system icons you find in File Explorer, including the Recycle Bin and folders for documents and devices, such as drives.

According to the Arab Technology News Portal, Amanda Langowski, head of the Windows Insider program at Microsoft, says: Many changes have been made, such as: the direction of folder icons and default file types icons, in order to achieve greater consistency across Microsoft products that display files. .

She added that the user’s higher-level folders, such as: Desktop, Documents, Downloads, and Pictures, have a new design that makes them easier to distinguish with a glance.

Microsoft also notes that the Recycle Bin icon has also been updated – a clear indication of some of the changes the company has tried to make to the Recycle Bin in the past that haven’t worked well with Windows users.

These icon changes are fairly minor in the grand scheme of Windows, but they are part of a broader effort within Microsoft to modernize Windows.

The software giant unveiled new system icons for Windows 10 earlier this month.

The company previously updated some of its Windows 10 icons last year in color versions, and it has also tweaked the Start menu to make it more streamlined.

Microsoft is also planning an extensive visual revamp of Windows, codenamed Sun Valley.

The company is expected to provide details of its visual plans and more about the future of Windows in the coming months as part of a dedicated news event.

Icon updates are arriving along with some adjustments to the File Explorer layout as well.

Microsoft adds additional space between elements in File Explorer, and there will be a compressed mode to return to the classic File Explorer mode, and the updated display is more improved for touch screens and complements the new icons.


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