Witness: Hind Sabri, “He’s going to make fun of it.” Who do you mean?


Actress Hend Sabry revealed several facts and information in her artistic life, especially in the last ten years, after hosting her on a media program.

The program featured a “screen shot” with the title “Hend Sabri thwarted Tony Khalifas attempts to provoke her.”And Hind said: “Initially, I do not remember this program, I have a terrible memory problem, and Tony Khalifa is a very nice person, and part of his profession as an interlocutor is to try to provoke the artist, and I know the rules of the game and I understand them.”

And she added, “There has been a breakthrough in the last ten years, the topic has remained increasingly provocative, to the point where one kept feeling going in order to be mocked, and he was in the wave of any program that the artist had to come up with completely careless, and you were sweet and worked, and so-and-so said to you, you keep feeling that you are calculating me, I am not the character De, and that people talk about me with sweet and beast, and I do not like my opinion of things that do not concern me.

And she continued, “Of course we all have errors and mistakes, and this is a tax shining the spotlight on you, and all people have their missteps, and hours they say needs and regret them, but nobody holds them accountable, because there is no social media and no one can record them.”


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