Women at risk .. Two studies reveal the worrying effects of Corona


One of the two studies concluded that, five months after leaving the hospital, those recovering fromCovid-19White people, women, middle-aged people, or other health problems such as: Diabetes And lung and heart disease are the most frequent long-term symptoms.

Said Chris Breitling, professor of medicine Respiratory system At the University of Leicester, who was involved in preparing the study, “Our study found that those who suffer the most severe symptoms in the long term are usually white women between the ages of 40 and 60 years and who suffer from at least two chronic diseases.”

A second study, conducted by the Global Alliance to Combat Respiratory Diseases and Injuries, concluded that women under 50 are more likely to have health problems later compared to men and other elderly participants in the study, even if these women do not have major health problems.

“It has become very clear that those recovering from Covid-19 suffer from severe complications,” said researcher Tom Drake, a researcher at the University of Edinburgh who participated in the preparation of the study.

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