Workers suffocation, electricity disconnected, and ports closed … the government announces a toll


04:43 PM

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi, Minister of Local Development, received a report from the Ministry’s Operations Room and Crisis Management on the follow-up of the bad weather that some governorates are witnessing due to their exposure to dusty winds, sand, light rain and a marked decrease in temperatures, according to what was announced by the Meteorological Authority and other ministries’ bodies in this regard .

The report indicated that Minya governorate was exposed to a dust storm in some areas of the governorate, in addition to instability in weather conditions.

The report indicated that this caused suffocation cases for a number of workers in a ready-made garment factory in the industrial zone of New Minya, and Major General Osama al-Qadi, the governor of Minya, visited the injured in Minya Hospital to check on their health condition, and the follow-up is underway to provide everything necessary until their complete recovery and discharge from the hospital.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi said that the report of the operations room indicated that the relevant agencies in the South Sinai governorate closed the Nuweiba seaport due to the strong winds, high waves, the presence of winds loaded with dust and sand and low visibility.

The report also indicated that the Nakhl El Arish road in North Sinai Governorate was closed for several hours and reopened due to winds loaded with dust and sand and reduced visibility.

The report of the operation room showed that the New Valley governorate is exposed to moderate to strong winds loaded with dust and sand and a decrease in visibility over most parts of the governorate, and the executive bodies are following up.

The Minister of Local Development added that Kafr El-Sheikh governorate was also exposed to a wave of bad weather and dramatic winds of dust and sand, which caused the suspension of navigation work in the port of Burullus.

The report of the operations room indicated that a number of electricity poles fell in the Nujaila area of ​​Matrouh governorate due to dust-laden winds and high temperatures, and the executive bodies immediately disconnected the electrical current and took the necessary measures.

In Suez Governorate, it was decided to close the ports of Suez, Sokhna, al-Adabiya and Zayatiyat for several hours due to the bad weather that the governorate is exposed to, and the ports were opened again except for the port of Sokhna due to the presence of winds loaded with dust and sand and reduced visibility in most parts of the governorate.

The report showed that the rest of the governorates of the Republic were exposed to winds laden with sand and dust, a decrease in visibility and a rise in temperatures.

The Minister of Local Development directed all governorates that are exposed to bad weather in the coming hours to continue monitoring to face the effects of weather fluctuations.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi stressed the need to raise the level of preparedness in all service sectors in the governorates that will be exposed to bad weather conditions in the coming hours, according to the reports of the General Authority of Meteorology to face any emergency events or expected crises.

The Ministry’s Operations Room and Crisis Management also directed to continue following up the developments of the situation in the governorates in coordination with the Central Operations Room of the Council of Ministers and the Operations Rooms in the governorates to quickly deal with any emergency events.

The Minister of Local Development appealed to citizens to avoid approaching electricity poles, not to stand next to trees or billboards, to exercise caution and caution during their movement on the streets and to drive quietly on highways, especially in light of the Meteorological Authority’s warnings of instability in weather conditions, wind and dust activity, and poor horizontal visibility. “.

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