Yallakora interviews the former Lille star: We will not stand if Putman leaves


Given the situation of competition in the French League in recent seasons, the conflict is absent due to the imposition of the capital club Paris Saint-Germain on everyone after winning the local championship seven times in the last ten seasons.

Although Paris imposed its first word in France, the situation this season is somewhat different, with Lille and Olympique Lyon entering the competition in the hope of winning the local title and breaking the dominance of the capital of lights.

Lille’s position in the current season indicates the club’s ability to win the fourth title in its history after winning the local championship on three occasions, the last of which was the (2010-2011) season in the state of coach Rodri Garcia, who is currently leading Lyon.

“Yallakora” contacted Fernando Damico, the former Lille midfielder, who had previously played with the team four seasons from (1999-2000) until (2003-2004), to talk with him about the team’s ability to compete for the league title as well as the team’s future in The back-to-back performances on players such as Renato Sanchez and Sven Putman remained.

Here are the details of the dialogue as follows:

How was your experience with Lille?

My move to the ranks of Lille came after my departure from Argentina at the time I was a player in the ranks of Racing, with Lille I had a wonderful and distinctive experience in my career because I played with them in the Champions League competition, and I also do not forget my first goal with Lille was in the ranks of Lance.

What match do you remember so far with Lille?

Qualifying in the Champions League competition, specifically against Parma, at that time the Italian team was considered one of the most important and strongest Italian clubs. I had the honor to be among the Lille players who contributed to winning at the expense of Parma and continuing the European journey, this match was played against Hidetoshi Nakata, who was making The difference is always with his team during this period.

– Every season, Lille loses a player or two, and the talk here is about Nicolas Pepe, for example … What is your comment?

It is true, Lille’s management has its philosophy by selling one or two players from the team and the goal is to make huge money with the purchase of a substitute, and this is what was done in the deal of Nicholas Pepe, who left the ranks of Arsenal for a fee of 80 million euros, then the departure of the Nigerian striker Victor Osimin after obtaining 70 One million euros.

– Talking now about the departure of defender Putman and Sanchez to Liverpool, how do you see this transfer if it happens?

At the beginning, Luis Campos (Lille’s sporting director) is considered the one who is credited with what the team has achieved now due to the correct choices it makes in terms of deals, and the result has put the team now results are good and the team is now close to participating in the Champions League competition next season, along with The competition for the league title this season, the club will not stop the departure of any player, and the evidence is what has happened since Pepe’s departure, for example, to Arsenal.

But going back to the previous question, how do you see the situation of Putman and Sanchez with Lille?

The duo are one of the important pillars of the Lille team, the transfer of Putman or Sanchez to Liverpool will be beneficial to the English club due to the current situation of the team in terms of defense, as well as the approaching departure of Vinaldom due to the end of his contract, but as confirmed by the team will not stand on any player because we have a sports manager capable of Hiring a substitute at a price that suits the club’s capabilities.

Given Lille’s position in terms of competition, is the team able to continue the challenge with Paris Saint-Germain?

Since 2010 and Lille has not been able to get the French League title, if you asked me before the start of the season, I would say that it is impossible to compete with Paris Saint-Germain due to the capabilities that are available with the capital club, but now what I dream of is watching Lille on the podium.

Do you think PSG will focus on competing in the Champions League?

The PSG team has many distinguished players in various lines, I see that the Parisian club has the chances to compete for the French League title due to the difference in points with Lille, in Paris it is true that the club management has the ambition to compete in the Champions League, but the capitalist team remains a candidate to win the league The Frenchman, in addition to continuing his European career, to see their level against Barcelona in the previous round, as well as the team’s journey in the past version of the Champions League.

– In your opinion, will Lille take advantage of the pressure of matches on Paris Saint-Germain?

Certainly the Lille team has the ambition about competing for the French League title, pressure will be on the Paris Saint-Germain team due to the huge sums provided by the club, nothing that Lille will lose, as the goal is achieved through competition with the least potential.

Finally … How do you see the future of Kylian Mbappe and Neymar with Paris Saint-Germain?

Mbappe and Neymar have an ambiguous future, as the first wants to take a bigger step in his career and this will be decided after the end of the season if Paris fails to win the Champions League title, then Mbabe will think about leaving and here is talking about Real Madrid, who wants the player strongly, as for Neymar, the player was linked to moving to Barcelona in the season The past, but perhaps the talk is renewed, especially after the return of Juan Laporta to the presidency of the Catalan club, which is known for its huge deals.


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