Yallakora reveals .. 3 moves by Al-Ahly to secure the position of Al-Kafrawi


The Legal Committee of Al-Ahly Club succeeded in overcoming the crisis of assigning Ibrahim Al-Kafrawy, a member of the Board of Directors, to succeed Brigadier Mohamed Morgan, the former Executive Director.

In its last meeting, the Board of Directors thanked and saluted Mohamed Marjan, Executive Director, for the period he spent sincerely at the helm of the club’s executive management.

A source in Al-Ahly said in exclusive statements at Leela Koura that the club does not move randomly, as the matter is well studied, and added that there are 3 moves that have taken place that secure Ibrahim Al-Kafrawy’s position and membership of the Board of Directors and do not conflict with the club’s list.

He added that the first move is that Al-Kafrawy will not have an executive job or be a director of the club, but the issue is his supervision of the club’s executive body until a new executive director is appointed and given all the necessary powers for that, and it is natural for the board of directors to oversee the files.

He explained that the second move is that Ibrahim Al-Kafrawi will voluntarily oversee the executive branch without getting any financial compensation, and stresses that the third move is that Ibrahim Al-Kafrawi has obtained a three-month vacation from his own work.

Ibrahim Al-Kafrawy, a member of the board of directors, who was assigned by the council at the last meeting, to supervise the club’s executive body, will hold a meeting with the directors of departments in Al-Ahly and the leaders of the branches «Al-Jazeera, Nasr City and Sheikh Zayed».

The meeting deals with discussing the progress of work with regard to the administrative part, and emphasizing the continuous follow-up of the services file, while continuing to preserve the constants of the work system within the club during the next stage.

Al-Kafrawy is discussing with the branch managers some proposals and an emphasis on avoiding negatives in all service and sports sectors.

During the meeting, Al-Kafrawy stresses the need to unite efforts in order to maintain the club’s work system, meet all members’ needs and implement the general policy of the Board of Directors, headed by Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib.

The council previously wished Muhammad Morgan all success and success in his new assignment after his appointment and assuming his duties as deputy chairman of the National Stadium Company, which Al-Ahly Club is proud of and happy with its successful partnership with it through the economic unity project.

Al-Ahly said in an official statement that the decision of the council is in light of the unequivocal confirmation by the club’s legal committee, headed by Counselor Mahmoud Fahmy, that combining the two positions in the club and the company at the same time contradicts interests, as well as contradicts Al-Ahly’s principles and the club’s statute.

He added that in the same context, Ibrahim Al-Kafrawy, a member of the club’s board of directors, was assigned to run matters, causing a crisis to explode, which some saw as illegal.


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