Yasser Faraj after his assault: Praise be to God for every affliction


The artist, Yasser Farag, has been exposed during the past period to many crises, as he lost his wife a short while ago, due to her infection with the Coronavirus, and during the past days he was exposed to an attack by people who rammed his car and attacked him with stones and white weapons.

The artist, Yasser Farag, told “The Seventh Day”: “A.And nothing that I consider a trial, and I thank God Almighty for this affliction, and it seems that I have become promised such attacks, as I was subjected to a similar incident 3 years ago, in which a group of thieves attacked me in the Mokattam area, and forcibly seized my car and mobile phones.

The artist, Yasser Farag, was beaten by two teenagers after He was hit by a car driving one of them in the vicinity of Maadi, where he was driving his car Before he was hit by a person traveling at crazy speed and ran away, causing damage to the artist’s car.

Faraj decided to pursue the car and after he got out of his car to admonish the driver, he was surprised that he was a 15-year-old teenager, accompanied by a large number of his friends who attacked him with bricks and white weapons and smashed his car. his friends.

In a different context, Farag is participating in the series “Wara Kul Bab” starring Sabreen, Ahmed Khalil, Muhammad Najati, Jamal Abdel Nasser, Jehan Khalil, Youssef Othman and Abed Anani..


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