You will not believe “the story of the worst movie in the history of” Sabah “, a fire that saved its artistic history


The beautiful actress Sabah, a star who shone among the stars of art, an artist in the full sense of the word, one copy will not be repeated, she has a wonderful talent in acting and also a strong and sweet singing voice, she won the admiration of everyone and became the famous actress Sabah.

Sabah said in a press interview with her, her story with the ill-fated film, and it is considered the worst film she presented in her artistic history, but she thanks God for saving her from it and the scenes of the film were not completed and it was not shown.

She said (I still remember that disastrous movie that I was starring in, the movie that made me hate art, cinema and lights, it is enough for you to know that I discovered the weakness of the story after a week of filming, and I discovered the bankruptcy of the producer after this week when filming was stopped until he could find the money necessary to resume work. ).

And she also said (and it is strange that a feeling of a handle was filling my chest as I went to the studio as if I was going to a prison, but I wished in light of this feeling of grip if a miracle had occurred and I was exempted from starring in the film and from acting and from this film that fills me with pessimism and depression).

And I mentioned that the strange thing in the story is many indicators appear in front of me until he withdrew from this work. One day she went to her preparation room to act out the scene, and the director asked her to wear like the dress she wore in the walking scene, so she was astonished and asked for sewing, but She did not appear and asked the reason for her absence. They said that she apologized for attending, and Sabah chose the clothes herself.

I did not see the dress, and I remembered that I had forgotten it at home, and when the key to my clothes room was with me, I asked the exit to go home immediately to bring the dress. In short, I got into my car home, and on the road the tire exploded, and the driver got off trying to replace it. The homeostasis has also been damaged.

I asked for a taxi, there was no time to get into my car, and after I arrived at the house I was surprised by a malfunction in the elevator, so I went up to the fifth floor, and kept ringing the bell on the door, but no one opened, and I remembered that the safari is on vacation today, but the work is there. Where is it found ?! After a long time, I was surprised at the worker while she was up, and there was no time for her to talk to her and ask her.

And I asked Sabah about the dress, and she said to her inside the room, and he was not found in the room either. So I asked her, she said to her at the McCuji, she got angry and said violently to her, (Get down quickly, this dress), and indeed the workplace went, but I was surprised by the closing of the makogi and she told him that today is Monday Makuji vacation.

I asked Sabah what to do now. She called the director of the film and tried to explain to him the difficult situation, but he turned to the producer and the film producer threatened her to file a lawsuit with her, then closed with him, and asked the maid to go to the Makogi house.

Indeed, I went to the Makogi house and came quickly looking for the dress, but the great shock, that the Makoji did not see the dress and was surprised that the boy had stolen it in a group of dresses and fled, and that was a great shock to Sabah.

Sabah also said: (And after I was late for the appointment, I received a telegram from the producer holding me responsible for the delay, so I transferred the telegram to the lawyer who cares about my legal affairs, and the work stopped, and after the problem between me and the producer for four days, reconciliation was done to prepare another dress in the same way, and a seamstress came. The clothes, I paid her double the wage to make the dress for me as quickly as possible, and after 24 hours I was wearing the new dress, and I said to call the producer to tell him everything was fine).

At the end of the matter, Sabah said: (After everything was prepared and ready, I called the producer of the film, and told him that I am fully prepared to shoot, but the producer said that a huge fire had broken out in the acidification plant and destroyed the part that was filmed, and he asked me to re-shoot. And the scenes again).

And she added (there was no chance for me to withdraw from the ill-fated film, better than that, I immediately called the lawyer and asked him to separate the contract with the producer because she was not ready to re-shoot again, and so she withdrew and saved myself from the ill-fated movie).

She confirmed that every step there was a warning from God on this film, there are many strange and strange events that give me the opportunity to withdraw and not be completed in this film, and she confirmed that her sweet luck saved her from the sinister work.


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