You won’t believe how baby Socrates became the hero of the movie Goblins


Most of us have watched the movie Elfrit, or, as it was common, the movie Loza and Bella, co-starring the beautiful artist Madiha Kamel and Amr Diab.

The child, whom the children called his colleagues of the writer Socrates, caught our attention, because he always liked education and reading and he was attending

Many books in the place where he resides with children like him.

He is also the one who helped Balaya escape from the kataa, to go to Amr Diab and Mama Karima, and to inform them of the torture they are subjected to in Beit Kataa.

It is the child Ahmed Akl, who appeared in front of us on the screen when he was 5 years old, and a picture of him spread now after he was nearly forty years old.

The audience shared pictures of Ahmed Aql, where they expressed their amazement at the great change in his features, and how days passed quickly without us feeling and reached this age, but he became the father of three girls.

The movie Elfrit was not only what Akl participated in, but it presented a large number of artistic works, including:

The religious series Omar bin Abdul Aziz.

– Underwater Hell movie.

– The series “There is no god but God, and Al-Tabari, Al-Ansar, The Judiciary in Islam, The Hour of Guidance.

– From the stories of the Qur’an, Dhu Al-Nun, The True Promise, Andalusian Boy.

– The dancer and the politician.

– The guilty are innocent.

The challenge, and the case of Samiha Badran.


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