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Your European morning is a daily morning report that monitors the distinguished visitors of Yallakora, the most prominent headlines that came in the top of the major European newspapers, whether German, English, Italian, Spanish or French.

The English Press

Daily Mail

Communications between Solshire and Haaland

Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has contacted his compatriot Erling Haaland, the star of Borussia Dortmund, to sign him next summer.

Solshire has the support of Manchester United management in order to win the services of Haaland, who are competing for him by Manchester City, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The Sun

Pelerin substitute at Arsenal

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta is seeking to sign Emerson Royal, Real Betis’ player, to compensate for Hector Bellerin’s possible departure.

The Brazilian player has the attention of Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain as well, which makes Arsenal’s job even more difficult.

Swap Juventus and Everton

Juventus is preparing to offer Everton a swap deal that Aaron Ramsey will grant him in exchange for the services of Moise Kane.

Ramsey is receiving attention from Liverpool and West Ham United during the current period, but Juventus’ desire to sign Moise Kane has shifted his direction to Everton.

Spanish Press


Fati does not intend to leave

Barcelona player Ansu Fati stated that joining the team was very difficult, but he made it clear that he did not intend to leave the team since he had the opportunity to wear his shirt.

Fati said: “Barcelona contracted with my brother in the beginning and then contracted with me, it was a great effort because all my life was in Seville, and my friends, they took care of me, but I came there and never wanted to leave.”


Real condition for the return of Ronaldo

Real Madrid puts one condition in order to negotiate the return of Ronaldo, which is the acceptance of a salary that is less than what he achieves while he is at Juventus during the current time.

Ronaldo charges Juventus 31 million euros per season, but in Real Madrid the player was asked to reduce his salary to 25 million euros.


Coutinho season ends

Pat Philippe Coutinho is far from being able to return to Barcelona this season after he visited Qatar to undergo some tests.

Sports medicine consultant Juanjo Lopez Martinez revealed that Coutinho needs at least two months before returning to participate in training, after which he will need a period of rehabilitation.

Italian Press

Futbol Italy

Juventus refuses

The Italian club, Juventus, refused, raising the offer made to Argentine Paulo Dybala to renew his contract with the team.

The Italian club made an offer to the Argentine player of 10 million euros during one season.

Berlusconi exit

Silvio Berlusconi, the former president of Milan, has been discharged from hospital.

Berlusconi was infected with the Corona virus several months ago, and was transferred to the hospital on Monday.

German Press


New Bayern shirt

Bayern Munich is preparing to announce the new shirt for the team, as the Bavarian team will wear a spare shirt in outdoor matches in full black.

The shirt adorns the club crest and the four stars, reminiscent of the black Barcelona shirt

The new jersey will be presented in May in the last game against Augsburg on May 22nd.


Vasquez to Bayern

Real Madrid’s Lucas Vacis’ contract with the royal team expires this summer.

Bayern Munich has expressed its interest in joining Vasquez in a free transfer during the current summer transfer period, especially as he is good at playing in the back and right wing, after Douglas Costas return to Juventus next summer after the end of his loan.

The French Press

France Football

Griezmann equals Trezeguet

The newspaper pointed to the success of Griezmann in equaling the number of his countryman Trezeguet in the list of top scorer for the French national team.

The newspaper said that Griezmann reached the goal of No. 38 to equal Trezeguet in fourth place in the scoring charts behind Henry, Gero and Platini.

Turkey punishes the Netherlands

The newspaper covered Turkey’s great victory over the Dutch national team in the World Cup qualifiers, under the title “Turkey punishes the Netherlands.”

The Turkish national team won 4-2 over the Dutch national team at an exceptional start in order to qualify for the 2022 World Cup.

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