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Your European Morning is a daily morning report that monitors the distinguished visitors of Yallakora, the most prominent headlines that came in the top of the major European newspapers, whether German, English, Italian, Spanish or French.

The English Press

Daily Mail

Pogba reclaims the Rolls-Royce

Paul Pogba Manchester United recovered his Rolls-Royce after 270 was absent after withdrawing it for traffic procedures.

Pogba paid 5,500 pounds for the seizure of his car due to traffic violation during the last period, before he recovered his Rolls-Royce worth 300 thousand pounds.

Target Aguero

After Manchester City announced the departure of legend Sergio Aguero after 10 years at Etihad Stadium, speculation increased that he would move to Barcelona.

Barcelona club agreed with Sergio verbally to move to its ranks next summer, and now he has to finish the procedures after announcing his departure from City so that no other club competes with him.

The Sun

Henry’s return

After Frenchman Thierry Henry closed his social media accounts due to racism, he announced his return when things got safer.

Henry told everyone that he will return to Twitter, when the situation improves, after leaving all social media platforms due to the racist attack on players.

Spanish Press


A competition for Aguero

Barcelona has reached advanced stages in its negotiations with Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero to move to the team, starting next season, whose departure from his team has become certain.

Barcelona will find strong competition in negotiating with Aguero, especially as he is among those most wanted to sign in Paris Saint-Germain, in addition to the Argentine Independiente.

Cobo aid

Takefusa Kubo, a player on loan from Getafe from Real Madrid, succeeded in creating two goals for the Japanese Olympic team during their 3-0 victory over Argentina.

Kobo made the first goal from a corner kick, before converting a long pass to Ko Itakura, who scored the two goals, in the match that was held as part of the preparations for Japan and Argentina for the Tokyo Olympics.


Qast Hakimi

Real Madrid gets the first installment of the transfer of Achraf Hakimi to Inter Milan, which was due last December, but was postponed by mutual consent.

Real Madrid’s treasury will recover by a few million in the coming hours, despite the team’s eligibility for the money three months ago, but its management agreed to postpone the payment due to the financial crisis resulting from the Corona pandemic.

Mundo Deportivo

Real wants Jewel City

Real Madrid plans to sign Liam Delap, the 18-year-old jewel of Manchester City, in an attempt to kidnap him before he is hired by Pep Guardiola, the English coach.

The young striker’s son, former Stoke City captain, is one of the greatest talents in English youth stadiums, as his performance prompted a number of clubs to express a desire to join him quickly.

The French Press

France Football

Lewandowski doubts

Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski, the Polish international, sustained an injury with his country during the Andorra match in the World Cup qualifiers.

Lewandowski underwent an X-ray examination that confirmed his right knee, and is expected to be out of action for 10 days.

Lewandowski will miss the national team’s next match against England on Wednesday, which comes a week before Paris Saint-Germain’s match in the Champions League quarter-final.

Foot Mercato

Liverpool targets Konate

Liverpool is seeking to strengthen its ranks with a high-level defender, aiming to sign French player Brahima Konate, the German Leipzig player, but the deal has not yet been closed.

The value of the penalty clause in the Konate contract is around 40 million euros.

Konate, aged 21, currently represents France in the European Under-21 Championship.

Italian Press

Futbol Italy

The first installment of Hakimi’s deal

Inter Milan will pay Real Madrid the first payment of the contract fee with Moroccan Ashraf Hakimi, right-back in the team, in the coming hours.

Inter Milan had signed Hakimi for 40 million euros, to be paid in a series of 10 million euros in installments.

Real Madrid agreed to extend the deadline for the amount after it was supposed to be paid three months ago.

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Reduced Repic’s penalty

The penalty of Milan striker Neti Repic has been reduced to one game, which means that he may be available to play in the Sampdoria match if he recovers from the injury.

Repic was sent off in the Napoli match for insulting the referee, and was suspended for two matches.

Milan’s resumption reduced his suspension from two matches to one, and the penalty was changed to a fine of 15,000 euros.

German Press


Mueller might go

Bayern Munich star Thomas Muller confirmed that he loved his club before he played for him, but he stressed that his departure from the club is not a disgrace and there is no problem with that at all.

Mueller gave the example of Thiago Alcantara, who left the team to move to Liverpool, noting that Thiago had searched for a new challenge after 7 years with Bayern and 17 titles, which is similar to Muller, who has played at the club since 2000, and won 27 titles, since playing in 2009.


Two alternatives to Lewandowski

Lewandowski suffered an injury with the Polish national team, to be absent for a period of 5 to 10 days, while his position on the Leipzig match in the lead struggle was not clear, before facing Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League.

Hans Flick will have to search for a substitute for Lewandowski if he is unable to play the match, and the most prominent alternative comes Chubu Moting, or pushing Muller or Gnabry in the position of the outspoken striker, provided that Coman and Leroy Sane remain on both sides.


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