Yousra: I was terrified of Khaled El Sawy in “The Blue Elephant” … and I would like to play with him | Video


Yousra praised Khaled El Sawy’s performance in the movie “The Blue Elephant”.

During a telephone interview with the “Kalam Wast Al Balad” program, presented by Karim Kojak and Nasreen Okasha on Radio Egypt, and while Khaled El Sawy was hosting the program, Yousra said: “Khaled El Sawy has the advantage that he is an unusual character. I attended the Blue Elephant. “In the cinema, and when I saw him, I was terrified of him. I could not know that a real imp was emerging.”

Yousra pointed to the film “The Yacoubian Building” that brought them together, saying: “When a commercial show was shown in ordinary cinemas other than festivals, people would stand to greet the film and applaud it after each show, and this did not happen in the history of international or local cinema before that.”

She added, “I have been playing with Khaled Al-Sawy for a long time. Khaled is a very big artist. We did not meet in” Yacoubian “, but we were together in a very important film, and the people’s praise of Khaled’s performance was an international tribute, not just a local one.


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