Yousra: The audience will be surprised by the role of Basil Khayat and narrate in the series Civil War in Ramadan


Actress Yousra expressed her happiness with presenting the series “Civil War”, in the coming month of Ramadan, explaining that the series is in which the artist Arwa is participating, and that it is the first time she meets her in a dramatic work. Follow-up: “Very happy with the large and important group that participated with me in the dramatic work.”

Yusra continued during the “DMC Evening” program, broadcast on DMC channel: “I am happy with the patriotic works that will be shown next Ramadan because everyone in us has a diamond called the homeland, and we hope to do anything for the country and serve it.” The eligibility of the story of Ahmed Adel, production of Jamal Al-Adl and Synergy, directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz and filmed by Youssef Baroud, explaining that the series is attended by artist Basil Khayat, and it is the first time I met him in a dramatic work, adding: The audience will be surprised by the role of Basil and Arwa in the series.

Yosra continued: “In the month of Ramadan, if I do not have photography, then I will be at home, even if in photography, we break our fast with some of me and the work team, because I consider it my large family,” follow-up: “My mother used to bring me and my friends together in Ramadan.”


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