Youtube: We will not remove the live broadcast of the Colorado shooting



YouTube announced that it would not remove the video clip of a live broadcast of the shooting in Colorado that killed ten people, including a police officer.

Site spokeswoman Elena Hernandez said that “YouTube” has monitored the video clip, and will leave the footage available with a warning to viewers, explaining that “while violent content is not allowed on the site, we allow publishing videos that contain sufficient news or documentary context.”

“We have imposed restrictions on content by age group and will continue to monitor the situation,” she added.

Today, Tuesday, the American authorities revealed the identity of the suspect in carrying out the shooting in the city of Baudelaire, Colorado, announcing that he is a citizen named Ahmed Al-Alawi, indicating that Al-Issa, 21, resides in Arvada, Colorado, and lived most of his life in the United States. .

Source: The Hill

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