YouTuber trains an AI to look out of the window and detect dogs


A YouTube user, who likes to look at some cute dogs from inside the house, especially with the spread of the Corona virus, decided to connect his computer to the camera unit that supports artificial intelligence, while downloading a common algorithm to discover things that were set, to know when a dog appeared.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, when his camera identifies a dog, the text-to-speech voice shouts, “There is a dog outside!” Through the loudspeaker, pedestrians walking with their dogs can also hear the voice of the Canadian YouTuber “Rider” screaming “I love your dog.”

Rider said, “Quarantine is not cool, but looking at dogs makes me feel better,” and he started his latest video by explaining that looking at dogs and cats will increase the amount of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, hence Ryder decided that he could get an increase in dopamine By peeking at some dog in real life.

Also, not wanting to spend all day passing through the window for a dog to pass, he created an artificial intelligence machine that automatically recognizes the time a dog passes with its owner.

He explained in a video clip: “Build a machine that looks out from the window and informs me if there are any dogs running, so that I can look at it and feel better.”

YouTuber created his dog detector with Raspberry Pi, a simple, single-board computer popular with hobbyists, paired with a camera unit that supports artificial intelligence using a YOLO object detection model, and has been trained to recognize dozens of objects, including people, cars, parachutes, and of course dogs.

Also, by inserting some custom codes and attaching a loudspeaker, Rider directed the tool to the street and waited, to discover the success of his experiment, stressing that the experience made him feel better.


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